How Do You Roll Shark Tank

How Do You Roll Shark Tank: Revolutionizing the Sushi Experience

The popular reality TV show Shark Tank has introduced viewers to a multitude of innovative business concepts, ranging from technology gadgets to unique food ventures. One such unique culinary concept that caught the attention of the Sharks was How Do You Roll, a sushi franchise that aimed to revolutionize the way people experience sushi. With its fresh and customizable approach to sushi, How Do You Roll became a hit not only on Shark Tank but also in the food industry.

How Do You Roll was founded in 2008 by brothers Yuen and Peter Yung. They developed the idea for a fast-casual sushi restaurant that allowed customers to create their own sushi rolls, tailored to their individual preferences. This concept provided a refreshing change from traditional sushi restaurants where customers often had limited options and were unable to customize their orders.

The brothers Yung saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing popularity of sushi in the United States. However, they also recognized that many potential customers were hesitant to try sushi due to unfamiliarity with the ingredients and flavors. How Do You Roll aimed to bridge this gap by offering a menu that appealed to both sushi aficionados and newcomers.

When the brothers pitched their unique concept on Shark Tank, the Sharks were immediately intrigued by the idea. They recognized the potential for How Do You Roll to disrupt the sushi industry with its customizable approach. After a negotiation with the Sharks, the Yung brothers struck a deal with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks, who saw the potential for growth and expansion.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, How Do You Roll has experienced significant growth and success. The franchise quickly expanded to multiple locations across the United States, offering sushi lovers a new and exciting dining experience. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients, quality control, and customer satisfaction, How Do You Roll has become a favorite among sushi lovers and those looking to try sushi for the first time.

Now, let’s answer some of the common questions that arise when discussing How Do You Roll and its journey on Shark Tank:

1. How does How Do You Roll work?
How Do You Roll allows customers to create their own sushi rolls by selecting from a variety of fresh ingredients and fillings.

2. Is How Do You Roll only for sushi lovers?
No, How Do You Roll caters to both sushi enthusiasts and those new to sushi, offering a menu that accommodates different tastes and preferences.

3. What sets How Do You Roll apart from traditional sushi restaurants?
How Do You Roll stands out by allowing customers to customize their sushi rolls, ensuring a personalized dining experience.

4. How has Shark Tank helped How Do You Roll grow?
The exposure and investment from Shark Tank enabled How Do You Roll to expand its franchise rapidly and gain a wider customer base.

5. Are there vegetarian and vegan options available at How Do You Roll?
Yes, How Do You Roll offers a range of vegetarian and vegan ingredients, making it accessible to customers with different dietary preferences.

6. Can you order takeout from How Do You Roll?
Yes, How Do You Roll provides takeout options, allowing customers to enjoy their customized sushi rolls at home or on the go.

7. Are there gluten-free options available?
Yes, How Do You Roll offers gluten-free options, ensuring that customers with dietary restrictions can still enjoy their sushi experience.

8. Can you order online from How Do You Roll?
Yes, many How Do You Roll locations offer online ordering services, making it convenient for customers to customize and order their sushi rolls.

9. Are there any How Do You Roll locations outside of the United States?
As of now, all How Do You Roll locations are based in the United States.

10. Can you become a franchise owner of How Do You Roll?
Yes, How Do You Roll offers franchising opportunities for those interested in owning their own sushi franchise.

11. What does the future hold for How Do You Roll?
With its innovative concept and growing popularity, How Do You Roll aims to continue expanding its franchise and introducing more people to the customizable sushi experience.

In conclusion, How Do You Roll’s appearance on Shark Tank propelled the franchise to new heights and revolutionized the way people enjoy sushi. Its customizable menu, emphasis on quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made it a go-to destination for sushi lovers and newcomers alike. As How Do You Roll continues to grow, it is set to make its mark on the international sushi scene.

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