What Happened to Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank

Title: What Happened to Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank: An Unfortunate Scam


Barbara Corcoran, a renowned businesswoman and real estate mogul, is widely recognized for her role as one of the “sharks” on the hit television show Shark Tank. With her sharp business acumen and infectious personality, Corcoran has become a fan favorite over the years. However, in recent times, she fell victim to a sophisticated scam that left many fans concerned. In this article, we will delve into the details of what happened to Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank and shed light on common questions surrounding the incident.

The Scam:

In February 2020, Barbara Corcoran became a victim of a phishing scam, resulting in her losing nearly $400,000. The scam involved an email impersonating Barbara’s assistant, requesting a payment for a real estate renovation. Unbeknownst to her, the email was sent from a fraudulent account, leading her to transfer the funds to the scammer’s bank account.

Corcoran was notified of the scam after her assistant inquired about the payment, leading to an immediate investigation by her legal and IT teams. Unfortunately, the funds were irretrievable, highlighting the sophistication of the scam.

11 Common Questions and Answers:

1. How did the scammer gain access to Barbara Corcoran’s email account?
The scammer used a technique known as phishing, where they created a fraudulent email account that appeared to be Barbara’s assistant. This allowed them to deceive her into believing the request was legitimate.

2. Did Barbara Corcoran report the scam to the authorities?
Yes, Barbara Corcoran promptly reported the incident to the FBI and has been cooperating with their ongoing investigation.

3. Was the scam exclusively targeted at Barbara Corcoran?
While Barbara Corcoran was specifically targeted, phishing scams are unfortunately common and can happen to anyone.

4. Has Barbara Corcoran been able to recover the lost funds?
No, the funds lost in the scam have not been recovered. Once transferred, retrieving the money becomes incredibly challenging due to the intricate nature of these scams.

5. How has Barbara Corcoran responded to the incident?
Barbara Corcoran remained resilient and took the scam as a learning experience. She has been vocal about her experience, stressing the importance of staying vigilant against cyber threats.

6. Has the scam affected Barbara Corcoran’s participation on Shark Tank?
No, the scam has not affected Barbara Corcoran’s participation on the show. She continues to be an active and valued member of the Shark Tank panel.

7. What steps can individuals take to protect themselves from phishing scams?
It is crucial to remain cautious when handling financial transactions online. Double-checking email addresses, verifying requests with known contacts through alternative means, and regularly updating security software are all effective preventative measures.

8. Has Shark Tank taken any additional security measures since the incident?
While specific details regarding additional security measures are not publicly available, it is likely that Shark Tank has reinforced their security protocols to protect their panel members.

9. Will the scam have a lasting impact on Barbara Corcoran’s career?
While the incident was undoubtedly unfortunate, Barbara Corcoran’s successful career and reputation as a savvy businesswoman remain intact. Her ability to bounce back and use the experience to raise awareness about cyber threats is commendable.

10. Are there any updates on the investigation into the scam?
As of now, there have been no public updates on the ongoing investigation into the scam. Investigations of this nature often take time to unravel, especially when dealing with complex cybercrimes.

11. How can individuals support Barbara Corcoran?
Fans of Barbara Corcoran can show their support by remaining aware of potential scams, sharing her story to raise awareness, and continuing to appreciate her contributions to the business world.


The unfortunate scam that targeted Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank serves as a reminder of the ever-present threat of cybercrime. Despite the loss, Barbara Corcoran’s resilience and determination to raise awareness about such scams demonstrate her strength as a businesswoman. By learning from her experience and taking necessary precautions, we can all strive to protect ourselves from falling victim to phishing scams and other cyber threats.

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